Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting some projects finished...

Seeing as though it is still raining I thought what better time to get some sewing projects finished.  They are all small things that have been sitting around in my room and just needed finishing.  

Firstly, Emma needed a drink bottle holder for school so her bottle doesn't drip everywhere.  I'm a week late with this but better late then never.

These burp clothes are for someone special who is having a baby and they have been sitting for ages (well since before Christmas) waiting to be made.  I just love that yellow gnome and blue elephant fabric.  I plan on making about another 6 of these, at least I have started.

Toni asked me to make some coasters for our desk at work to stop our water bottles leaving drips everywhere.  I already had this set cut and waiting for sewing so I decided they would be ours.  

And this project is a new dancing bag for Emma.  I've actually been meaning to make this for many months and allocated this fabric to it forever ago, I just had to find the mojo to do it.  It feels good to know that now I have just in time for the new year of dancing to begin on Wednesday.  It's a messenger bag style to it has one long handle that goes over one shoulder and across the body.  That was the style she requested.  I didn't attach any closures so that she can get in and out of it easily.  I made the lining hot pink.  

Now what to do next?  I have several projects swimming around in my head, I just need to decide which one to make.

Let's hope the sun starts shining around here soon


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