Monday, May 9, 2011

Our weekend

We spent the weekend doing family stuff.  

We spent Saturday morning at soccer and then the afternoon in Brisbane at the truck show.  We caught the City Cat into the city from Brett's Wharf.  The kids always love doing this, it's an adventure in itself. (and I have to say I was very happy to have my camera back in hand)

The kids thought the truck show was awesome.  Why you ask?  Because they had a bag which they filled to the brim with free stuff.  The got stickers, rulers, balloons, yo yo's, hats etc etc.  I do have to say that they did love seeing all the trucks and checking out all the sleeper cabins too.

This is Emma with her bag of goodies and her new hat on her head.

Here they are checking out the new Mack trucks.

And seeing how they are to drive.

And when we had seen all the new truck stuff we had a walk through South Bank before catching the City Cat back to the car.

It was a lovely ride back at sunset...a bit chilly for me though (I was a chicken and sat inside once we got out of the city).

And I had a lazy day for Mother's day, cooked breakfast, some pottering around the house and then I went shopping with Nathan.  We had a lovely afternoon together at North Lakes buying some treats.  Emma chose to stay home with Anthony instead of shopping.

We also remembered Mum over the weekend, we went to the cemetery and put down these gorgeous orange roses that Emma chose for her.  

My mum was wonderful.  My sister and I were her world and she would have done and given anything for us.  We are lucky to have had her.  So many loving memories...

I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend too.

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