Saturday, May 14, 2011

Night out and a new book...

My lovely friend Toni and I had a really good night out last night.  We caught the City Cat into the city and after dinner at Southbank we headed to QPAC to see Grease.  

Before the show I thought I would take a photo of us together.  I tell you, Toni is worse than the kids to get a sensible photo of, so this is what we ended up with...

I thought the show was OK, there were bits I loved and bits I wasn't too crash hot on.  Being a very huge Grease fan, it was difficult to see some scenes in the wrong order and words that didn't match the movie (not that I like routine or anything)(I wonder if that was done for copyright?).  But I did enjoy myself, it was nice to head out with a good friend and do dinner and a show.

I have also been eyeing off this book on The Book Depository of late.

So today when there was an email from them with an extra 10% off I took that as a sign that it needed to come live with me.  Can't wait until it arrives in my mailbox, hopefully soon. I suppose that will mean yet another book on the bedside table to read.

Have a great Sunday tomorrow, we are up very early to drive Nathan to Archerfield airport (he has to be there by 7.30am) so he can complete is level one flying badge for scouts.  I'm not going to like it, and Emma is going to like it even less!

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