Monday, March 8, 2010

Being nice

I had a bit of extra time up my sleeve last week, it was so rainy I really didn't want to leave the house so I created instead.  I thought I would do a little more towards my goal this year of making people feel special for no particular reason.  So I made some fabulous people at work some goodies.  They were super simple and quick to create and they made some people happy.

I made this for Toni using the box my owl travel mug came in.  You can't see but the sides of the box have little owls all over them.

I filled it with some chocolates and wrapped it in cellophane.

It made her happy.

Then I made these little goodie bags for Melissa and Shirley and filled them with chocolates too.

At this time in term one, us teachers need a sugar fix!

I am working through my list of people, so lookout, you may be getting some niceness soon!

Have a great day, lets hope the rain is clearing!


  1. Thank You Deb for the little gift. I was in need of that little bit of chocolate and the little bit of advice about doing too much. Much appreciated:)


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