Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A start on Easter

I try each Easter to give my kids only 1 or 2 Easter eggs and then something homemade or a book or something.  This year I made Emma this cute owl cushion for her room.   I didn't stuff him very much so he is snuggly.

Sorry about the photo, my camera battery was about to die, so I had to be quick.

I also got some pretty felt to make some cute little felt Easter treat bags for presents.  I made them last year too, they came out so nicely I decided to do them again. 

They are now sitting on my desk, cut out and pinned, ready to sew together.  If you click on Easter on my sidebar labels you will see how they came out last year and how I made them. They are super easy!

It is so nice to see the sun out today.

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