Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Caravan...

Thought I would share some photos of our caravan now that I have finished cleaning and making things for it and it is just about ready to hit the road. So first some outside shots.

It is only little but perfect for us right now, it has the annex where 2 people will sleep (preferably Nathan and Anthony) and it sleeps 2 inside (it could do 3 with a mattress on the floor).

So this is the view from the caravan door, you look at the fridge and kitchen.

And then on the other side of the door you have the two beds with a cupboard in the middle and the table pulls out in the middle.

This is the view you get if you sit on the bed. The outside is quite deceiving in size, it is bigger inside than it looks.
It has new curtains (thanks Tammy for the material), new mattresses and new foam head cushion things at the end of the bed. I had to make the covers for the foam myself which was a bit scary but I did it (and it only took 1 1/2 hours) and they look really good.
Now I am just going to pack some bedding, table chairs etc. and we can go somewhere. Not really sure where....for those who know me I have not been known to camp in the past, I actually have no idea what I am doing but am willing to learn as I go. SO, there could be some stories about my camping inablity/stupidness maybe, in the future.
If you have any camping tips you can give me or any essentials that you think I should not go camping without please leave a comment and let me know, I would love to hear from you.
Check out the Embellish blog tomorrow as I am posting our first of 3 giveaways between now and Christmas (link at side bar).


  1. Your caravan looks quite luxurious really (with fridge and microwave!). My tips for fun camping - go somewhere where the kids are easily entertained (and worn out at the end of the day!)(preferably camp with others with children), where toilets/showers are not too far away and finally - pack lots of alcohol!!! Enjoy, Tanya

  2. Looks fantastic, I agree with Tan. Ready for adventures?


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