Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dravuni Island

Our last stop on our cruise before sailing home was Dravuni Island in Fiji. This was the most gorgeous island with 1 village on it. It was so relaxing we had an amazing day. Here are some photos of what we looked at from our spot on the beach.
We had a nice shady spot, but it wasn't without it's hazards, this is what we saw when we looked up!

The village was quite well off and we went to the school for a visit, this is a photo of the schoolhouse. There was a separate, smaller building for the preschool. It was very well kept and quite well resourced.

Just a crazy photo of Emma that I like.

And one of Nathan concentrating on climbing trees.

We went on one of the boats in the photos above for a trip around the island. It was really good, it was hard to take photos but I got a few.

The man was great and he let the kids have a go at driving the boat. Nathan of course thought it was jet boat and went a bit fast, losing his hat which we had to go back for. He thought it was fabulous though.

This island had the most gorgeous shells and we actually collected quite a lot and brought them home. There were lots of hermit crabs so you had to check your shells carefully.

Nathan also found this biggish crab which he chased Caty all the way along the beach with. Lucky it didn't get him with its claws.

If you ever have the chance to go to Dravuni Island make sure you go it is well worth it.

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