Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Project complete

Well, for ages now I have like that Ali Edwards has a camera strap cover on her camera. I checked them out and they cost about $26 US. Too expensive for me right now, so I did some googling and found a tutorial for making my own here.

I headed down to Spotlight yesterday and found some fabric that I like to make my own. I actually bought 2 fabrics so I might make another one to swap them over when I get bored with this one. Anyway I made this one in about an hour. I am really happy with the result it is just what I wanted. It cost me about $2 to make as it only takes about 20cm of material (less actually).

So I have finally sewed something for myself, lately I have just sewed for the kids.
I also bought a Simplicity pattern while shopping because Spotlight has 25% off them at the moment with an extra 10% off for VIP. I got a pattern to make some 3/4 pants and a little summer top for Emma. I have never made clothes before so we'll see how I go.

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