Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter is here!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope the Easter Bunny delivered lots of chocolate to your house, I know he did mine! The trouble is now we have to eat it!

I thought I would share some photos from our Easter here in the Barro house. As most know I didn't spend much this Easter, I decided to make my kids their presents. They each got a medium sized bunny egg and we put little eggs all over the house for them to hunt for (we usually do outside but it is still raining so inside it was this year!).

I wasn't sure about Nathan and his monster that I made him but he really loved it, he carried it around playing with it all day! He really loved Emma's chicken too and asked why I didn't make him one of them.

Emma loved her homemade gifts too, she calls the chicken her cheepy bird and has pushed the mother aside to play with the egg and the baby cheepy bird. The bunny is well loved too.

This (below) is how Emma's bunny egg has been left, Red Tulip chocolate and she has decided she doesn't like it! I am sure that Anthony and I can find a place for it. Poor Bunny...

If the rain eases a little I am heading to Spotlight today to search for some special material. I will let you know about my next sewing project in my next post. It is a small project but one I have been after for ages and I want really nice material for it, something for me this time!
Check out the gorgeous little girl dress at a new blog I discovered here. Does anyone think they would know how to make it? It looks like it would be so easy.


  1. Hi Deb! That dress looks gorgeous!! Easy I thinks.. Two rectangles of fabric (with alternate fabric sewed on at bottom. Looks like a wide hem at the top. Perhaps thread through some thick elastic to the desired width and stitch the fabric and elastic at the ends. Then attach ribbon to ends of elastic to make shoulder ties. Might have a go at this one myself!

  2. Sorry Deb, having computer issues. I wrote the comment about the dress!!
    Kristie. :)


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