Friday, April 10, 2009

Quirky Chicken #2

I found a tutorial the other night here for this cute little chicken. He has really long legs and huge eyes which makes him a little quirky. He didn't take long to make at all. I was pleased with how he turned out so I wrapped him up and gave him to Nathan's teacher for Easter. She is so good with Nathan and I appreciate all the time she puts into him and her patience. I do think she might think of me as whacko for giving her such a crazy chicken but I did it anyway. I just had to share the photos of him on my blog.

I used yellow floral fabric for his body, orange spotty fabric for his legs, wings and belly and a red scrap for his beek. Felt was used for everything else, just scrap pieces. You can make so many things out of scraps!
Enough rambling, I need to go and do my housework I have actually done everything but housework this morning and the procrastinating is starting to even bother me!
Have a wonderful, relaxing Easter break everyone!

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