Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A day with Nathan

I don't have any photos for my blog today, I haven't created anything since my camera strap although I am very nearly ready to make another one with my second material. I love the one that is on there but I also love the other material too.

Today was a rare day when I get to spend time with Nathan, we started with lunch at MacDonald's (of course!) I can't believe Nathan has grown out of Happy Meals, the burger is just not enough for him anymore. Now he wants double cheeseburgers, which he got and ate every bit!

Then we saw a movie, Monsters V's Aliens, Nathan commented that it was the funniest movie he had seen in ages. It was pretty good, I enjoyed it although I did freeze my butt off in the movie theatre!

Last of all Nathan had a turn of ice skating (on fake ice) which they are offering this school holidays for free at the local shopping centre. He had an absolute ball, he fell over quite a lot but kept getting up and having another go. It was a good activity.

I really love the days that I get to spend with Nathan because I get so few where it is just the two of us. He is a delight to spend time with as he gets older.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter School Holidays...don't blink though, they will be over before we know it!

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