Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some more cards

Just a few more cards that I made last night. I have only just finished February's cards. It worries me that most of the cards I have made will be posted or given out by the end of this week and I have only just made them. At least I have though. I find that when I am making cards I get on a roll with a design and make many that are similar. It is much quicker and easier to do that than try to think of all new designs. So anyway I am still working through my list.
I had Nathan's teacher interview today and it went very well, when I mentioned reading his teacher was more than happy for me to put him up some levels and extend his maths in homework. He is actually really clever at maths and needs that. So i walked away a happy lady. Although she did tell me that he fell off his chair like 100 times yesterday until she finally took it off hime. How can a kid constantly fall off a chair he is sitting on? Only Nathan can!!! Gravity defies him most of the time, walking, sitting, standing the list goes on. I am hoping that soccer gives him some coordination practise!
Also I sold the Pulsar today, it seems strange not to have it anymore. Now I just need my car back! 6th March hurry up!!!
When I went to my cousin Kelly's wedding I was talking to the photographer about classes and she told me that it is not worthwhile doing photography classes but doing photoshop classes. That has stuck in my head, because she was a really lovely, helpful down to earth person. So I am taking her advice and am going to follow on with my point, shoot, play classes at Blossie's. I have been practising what we learned the first lesson ready for the next. I am hoping they will have one in March. If you want to do the next lesson with me just let me know. I saw that they are 3 hour lessons now for $50.

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