Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mini Christmas album - The next few pages

The next pages in my book are about our visit to the city to see Santa and to ride on the North Pole Express (a small train in Myer). I used a transparency inbetween these pages which I stamped to embellish it a bit with some bling. I tried to put in the things we collected on the day so I have tucked in the train tickets on this page.

On this page I have slipped in the train photo ticket you get and the golden train tickets the kids got when they rode the train. I like these couple of pages because they are busy and say a lot just by putting those few things in.

I was a bad mother at Emma's kindy party at the day care centre because I forgot my camera. So, I have no photos. To compensate for that I used an envelope and put in a copy of the programme from the night (it was too big to just slot in).

And then I used a photo of one of the Christmas decorations Emma made at kindy for the photo. I really love the idea of using the envelopes to put stuff in, I think I will use that a lot more from now on in my mini albums.

On a new note, Emma and I had a fabulous day today at the calm beach on Bribie Island with Toni and Tyler. Thankyou for a great day. The kids just played in the water and in the park while we sat and talked and did nothing really. What a great way to spend a day!

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