Friday, May 24, 2013

Nathan's Triathlon...

On Mother's Day weekend Nathan participated in his first triathlon.  He was eager to have a go and the Weetbix Kids Tryathlon series came about so we registered him and after a couple of months training he was ready to go.

We got up early and headed to the local aquatic centre where the day started with setting up his gear in the transition area (without every doing a triathlon before this was the hardest part for Nathan, transitioning between each section).  We set up his stuff as best we could with the beginner knowledge we had (we looked around and just copied everyone else really!)

We spent the time before his race looking through the stalls they had set up and making a poster to support him along the way.

Then he headed off to the briefing area and we headed to the pool to watch the first leg.

I thought swimming would be his weak leg but he did really really well and got ahead of a lot of the kids in the pool.

Then he rode the 6km bike course.

And finally ran the 1km to the finish line.

He ran past us tired and with a stitch but finished really well.

He was super happy with himself for the whole day and I was super proud of him too.  I love that Nathan is always willing to give something a go.  I think he will be there again next year ready to have a blast (there were no places and the kids were stagger started so it was a really good, non competitive atmosphere which was perfect for Nathan's first go). All the kids got a medal which made them all happy too.

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