Sunday, May 19, 2013

Here we go... Little SideKlick Week 1

Today we completed our week one of our Little SideKlick 16 week project.  For information click HERE and to read my last post about it click HERE.

Our first week was to get the kids used to the camera and to just take some photos.  The theme we had to follow for our photos was 'before me'.  

We went through the PDF instructions together and discussed photos etc. and then headed outside to take our shots.  Now when I signed up for this I signed up Nathan and I and Emma was very upset.  I would have signed her up too but I couldn't see how you could sign up 2 kids with one adult so I told Emma she could do the project with us and I would upload her pics and we would present them in a book of our own.   She was happy with that so we have started the project with Emma as well.

Here are our photos from week one:

This is my photo, a picture of our long driveway, the route I have to take to go anywhere!

And Nathan's picture.  He chose a different perspective - looking at our house from the road.

And finally Emma's picture - of me.  This is the worst picture ever and I considered not letting her use it but that wouldn't of been fair.  She said she picked it because I am always in front of her (probably nagging her to clean her room or do her homework ha!).

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