Thursday, May 16, 2013

A New Project...

I'm always looking for new projects to complete and when I read about one that would be perfect for Nathan and I to do together I quickly jumped on board.

We are just about to begin a 16 week photography project/course together.  It is called Little Side Klick and it is specifically designed for parents to complete with their junior photographers.  Each week we will be given a task/assignment to complete and then upload our favourite photo to the gallery.  At the end of the course we will receive a photo book of all our pictures.

This is a completely new course and they have had a few bumps this week getting it up and running but  Nathan and I have printed off our PDF instructions for this week so we can get to it on the weekend.

If you would like any info about the course you can read about it HERE.

You also get the first 3 weeks for free and then I am sure it is $8 a week (with a 15% discount if you pay upfront) for the rest of the weeks including your photo book etc.  The good thing about that is if you sign up and then decide it is not for you then you don't lose your hard earned dollars!

I think I'll post about our progress on here although I don't promise anything...we all know what my blogging is like lately!

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