Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Little Sideklick Lesson 2...

We were a bit behind on our photos this week.  Sunday got away from us big time so we had to take our shots today.  Better late than never I say!

Anyway this week we had to think about the rule of thirds in photography and how you can frame objects and the theme was 'Important to me now'.

Here is Nathan's photo for this week.  He really wanted to represent responsibility.  Showing that he is responsible is really important to Nathan right now and he is working really hard to achieve goals around this.  He chose his saxophone to photograph because he has to show responsibility and commitment to his instrument.

I wanted to take a photo that represented my need to focus on me (well not to forget me really) and to remember to take a break sometimes and put my feet up and recoup after running around all day.

And lastly, Emma took a photo of her friend Rose.  Rose is really special to Emma.  She travels everywhere with us and so Emma chose her.  I have to say that Emma did really well with her rule of thirds and I really like her photo.  I put the grid on the camera for her so that helped her out.

We are all enjoying this challenge together.

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