Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Great Work Nathan...

Nathan makes me proud pretty much every day.  He is growing into such a mature and responsible and all round nice boy.  

I was super proud of him on Monday night when he was invited back to Cub Scouts (which he moved on from and up to Scouts at the start of the year) to receive his Grey Wolf Badge.  This was special because it is the highest badge you can earn at Cub Scouts and not something that everyone chooses to complete.

Such a great achievement.  

And here is a photo on another proud day.  Nathan got up and headed to the Wamuran dawn Anzac Day service to play in his school band on April 25th and then after a quick breakfast at home he went along to Caboolture and marched for Scouts, staying for the service so he could help pack up after everyone had left.  

Emma marched with the Cubs at Caboolture too, her first time marching.

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