Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pinterest Love...

It's no secret the I love Pinterest, it's one of those things that you wonder what you did before you had it.  When it comes to work I find it easy to search for new and different activities and I don't have very many paper copies to file because they are all on the computer!

I also love to use it for ideas and patterns and tutorials for my crafting.  How easy is it to just click onto Pinterest and put what you want to make into the search box to have hundreds of ideas pop up.  

I always try to post things that I know I want to make and I have every intention of making most of what I have on my boards.  

Here is a favourite that I have made lately.

I used this pin to make Caty some heart bunting for her room.  I had heaps of hearts so I was able to make a mini one for Emma with the hearts I didn't use.  This is the photo from the original tutorial.

And this is Emma's mini version.

I used a cookie cutter to get the heart shape and I blanket stitched around each heart before threading them onto some natural twine.  They look so cute.

I've run out of time, I need to go and pick up the kids from school so I'll be back with some more Pinterest love later!  Oh and if you would like to follow me on Pinterest you can use this link HERE.

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