Friday, August 3, 2012

Some Pinterest love...

I am happy to say that I picked up my sewing machine last night after not having it for almost 4 weeks while it was away being serviced.  I am hoping I can get some sewing done on the weekend....I don't know what though.

We are also still waiting for my gorgeous niece to arrive. She is now 4 days overdue and I am not happy with her at all...I am busting to meet her and she is really taking her time!

I thought I would share some Pinterest ideas that I love today as I have no creations or additions to the family to show you.

I made this beef jerky in my dehydrator this week.  It was delicious, it was devoured in 2 days and I used 1.5kg of beef!  Link here.

Glamper Pincushion tutorial || by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake Designs
I also found this cute little caravan pin cushion but when I click on the link it says the page does not exist which really's very cute though.

This bag looks like a really good idea too, I've seen similar things before but this is big enough to hold all those beach toys etc,  Link here.  I think it will definitely be on my sewing list for summer.

Crochet Blanket with beautiful edging.And lastly I love the look of this blanket.  I hope one day I am good enough at crochet to make one like it.  We'll have to see (my first ever crochet blanket is coming along really well).  Link here.  

I actually haven't spent much time on Pinterest lately either, without my sewing machine I have not felt like there is any point (I couldn't make anything from it).

Have a great weekend 


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  1. Hey Deb, the 'Glamper Camper' is here:
    Can't wait for that little bubba to get here - haven't seen any cute baby shots for ages! Your family must be so excited. Keep us posted.


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