Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Celebrating an upcoming arrival...

I am still here but since my last post our house has been hit with sickness and then extra work and I don't think I have touched my computer in weeks!  I have to say I am a routine person and getting back to normality this week has been lovely.

Just before we all came down sick we had a special day in our house with my sister's baby shower.  We had a lovely afternoon tea with a few friends.

We had lots of delicious things to eat and a cake.

This is Suey cutting her cake, see that tiny belly?  There is actually almost a full grown baby in there!

She was super spoiled with the most gorgeous little things...in fact I think that this precious baby has a wardrobe bigger than mine already!

We had a really great afternoon and now we are just waiting patiently for my niece to arrive.  The waiting is the hardest part (well for me anyway).  I am really busting to meet this little one :)

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