Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Strawberry picking...

For a long time the kids and I have wanted to go strawberry picking so with the beautiful weather and strawberry season upon us we thought we would go.  

We headed up the coast which was a bit of a drive but I knew there was a nice strawberry farm there.

The kids before they started picking.

The strawberries were gorgeous and red and huge!

This is Emma with her full punnet.

And Nathan with his full punnet.

And together.

We had a really lovely few hours.  After we picked our strawberries we had a sausage sizzle for lunch and then the kids played for a while on the play equipment there.

We came home and made a tea cake with fresh cream and strawberries for decoration and it was delicious.


  1. Where is that Deb? My boys would love to pick their pwn strawberries!

    1. Jess, it was at Palmview, you take the Ettomogah Pub turnoff and then go to the other side of the highway, there are lots of signs once you take the turn off. It's called Strawberry Fields and has a website. I have to say that I nearly fell over when they told me the price though, they were $16 a kilo. Ours cost us $34. The kids had a good time though so I figure we paid for the experience. It's a lovely place to go. Next time I would take a picnic there is lots of nice grass to sit on etc.

  2. Lovely pictures of strawberry pickin'. ♥ What fun!


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