Monday, June 25, 2012

Swap goodness and Nathan heads off...

During our weekend away we participated in a swap between ourselves.  We were given our partner in April and the rules for this swap were:
  1. Minimum of 3 gifts
  2. One gift must be hand made
  3. One gift must be for the home
Pretty simple.  My swap partner was Katrina to I set to work making her special gifts.

I made her a rag quilt as my first present.  I used  blues and reds with a bit of black. 

 I bought her this cute little owl.

I also got her this bracelet.

And lastly I made her a set of placemats and coasters which you can see below.

This is what my little package looked like before I wrapped it up using tissue paper and mini pom poms (which I totally forgot to photograph).

 As an extra treat for everyone I made up these cute little packages using paper bags, doilies and some punches and alphabet stickers.

I filled them with a handmade soap that I bought at a local market and I appliquéd a very simple bird onto a washer.

I actually made a few other gifts for my other swap partner but I can't find where I put the photos, so when I find them I'll post about those ones as well as the gorgeous swap gifts I got.

On another note:

I have been feeling very strange this weekend.  On Saturday morning I farewelled Nathan off on his first ever big camp.  He headed up to Cuboree which is in Rockhampton (about 8 hours away) for 5 days.  I have never had any trouble with Nathan leaving before but it is so far away this time and he is on his own and for a long time that I find myself wondering about if he is OK. If he's warm enough, dry enough, finding friends etc all the time.  I am excited that he get to go on this awesome experience but I will be very happy when he is home again.  And I have to say that the Cub Scout Movement have been really wonderful constantly posting on Facebook and on their blog with updates and photos of what all the kids are up to.  Anyway here are a few photos of him before he left.

It will be an experience he will remember for ever so I am grateful that he was able to go. 

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