Tuesday, June 26, 2012

All About Nathan...

I am still missing Nathan like crazy and still worrying about him staying warm and dry so I thought I would blog today about his awesome week at school last week.

On Monday and Tuesday it was Senior Sports Day and I was a super super proud mum when Nathan came home after his two days with 1st ribbons for all his running races (100m, 200m and 800m) as well as first for long jump.  He got a 2nd for high jump and a 3rd for relays.

He was also given the medal for age champion which he was thrilled with!

On Wednesday he brought home is school report which was really good and showed major improvement in some important areas and then on Thursday he performed with the Junior Band, playing his trumpet on assembly for the first time ever and did a great job.

What a great week! 

He starts his journey back home in the morning so not long now until he is home again :)

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