Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A weekend of craft and catching up with great friends...

Last weekend a few of my girlfriends and I headed up to the Sunshine Coast for our yearly weekend away.  We sat around chatting and catching up while we sewed and crafted.  We also managed to fit in a visit to Eumundi markets and Spotlight.  

When planning my weekends away I always have a list of projects that I want to get through.  This weekend I used Pinterest as my inspiration.  I am determined to not just pin to Pinterest but to also create what I pin.  And I am happy to say that I achieved that, so here are the pins that I made on the weekend.  

I made one of these for Nathan to take away to Cuboree which is coming this weekend, link here.

I used the tutorial for these pyjama pants to make myself some.  I will definitely use this again, especially for the kids pants.  Link here.

I used this cushion tutorial as inspiration for using my new chenille tape and I made a cushion similar to this one.  Link here.

Flickr 802

I made some pillow cases because of this pretty lot.  Link here.

Girl's Emergency clutch

I made myself one of these using a pot holder....super easy and quick!  Link here.

And lastly I used a pot holder again to make one of these hair straightener holders.  Link here.

I haven't taken photos of mine yet but I will today and post them later.  I have to say that I was really happy with the projects I got done on the weekend and I also finally learned how to crochet which was a major bonus for me so I will share that work in progress too.

Pinterest can really be such a valuable resource.... I am still in love with it!

** Sorry about the spacing in this post - my blog is being very uncooperative today!

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