Friday, January 6, 2012


Just a short blog post today to say hello for 2012.  I know that I did do a very short blog post while I was away.  I typed it on my ipad so it was ordinary.  Anyway we are home after a really great trip.  When I recap our last 9 days I am amazed at the amazing country we have and all that we have seen and experienced in the last week.  

I thought I would quickly share some photos today of our favourite rest stop on our trip.  It was called New Italy, which was right up our alley so we had to stop.  It was lovely and we stayed for a while looking in the Italian museum there and reading about the town Anthony's mum is from. 

I had to take photos of the buildings, they had grapes growing on them.

We went into the gift shop and picked up the gorgeous Italian recipe book.  It is so thick and full of great recipes for us to try.  It was a bargain for only $19.95.

And the museum had this old sewing machine that I had to share.

Like I said just a short post tonight, I am exhausted and have been super busy this afternoon unpacking and washing etc.  I'll be back though...

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  1. Looks like a great place to stop! The recipe book looks like a bargain!
    BTW I haven't heard anything about the Yahoo group.


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