Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dubbo Zoo Day 2...

At Dubbo there is a road that goes around it, we chose to take our car around both days and we parked in the allocated areas and then walked to the enclosures.  We found this best for us.  On the second day we actually packed our car fridge into the car and stopped at one of the many picnic spots for lunch.  On day one we did the outside of the circuit and on day 2 we did all the enclosures on the inside.

First stop on day two was the Meerkats.  Love these cuties, I could sit and watch them for hours.

Emma did lots of map reading and ensured we didn't get lost.

There were many beautiful spots of scenery to photograph.

 It took me forever to get his guy to look at me.

Another favourite animal of mine, the otters.

Crazy Barro children.

The ostriches were amazing, they must of thought we had come to feed them, they followed us up and down the fence getting oh so close.  

This little zebra was rolling around and scratching his back but do you think  he would do it while I had the camera out?  Come on animals, work with me here!

At the end of our 2nd say Anthony did some crazy shots with the kids while I looked in the shop.

We loved Dubbo Zoo and we would tell anyone to visit.  We are a zoo family and really enjoy visiting zoo's all over the world and this one was right up there with my favourites.


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