Sunday, January 22, 2012

Some simple crafting...

We are in full swing getting ready to head back to school tomorrow in this house.  The uniforms etc are ready, the books are covered so today I worked on making Emma a couple of hair accessories for school.

Super easy to make. For the first ones I used some button blanks with the shank on the back.  Covered them with fabric to match her uniform (royal blue and yellow) and then threaded a thin blue hair tie through the loop on the back. 

Then I measured and cut some FOE (head band elastic) I had to fit Emma's head and sewed the ends together before cutting a couple of felt flowers in school colours and hand sewing them on with a button centre.   Easy, quick and inexpensive for school.  

I also did some other crafting this week.  I went to the local op shop the other day and found this little square frame for $3.  I grabbed it because I had recently bought an little square owl picture from here and it looked like it could possibly fit in there.  The picture is only 12cm x 12cm.  Impossible to buy a frame for.

Anyway I took it home, gave it a few coats of paint and some glitter spray and then a sand back.  Then I mounted my little picture inside and this is what it looks like now. Totally cute and the best thing - completely unique.  

I have another little picture from the same shop of a little vintage caravan, I wonder if I will be lucky enough to find another frame?

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