Sunday, January 15, 2012

Any sewing ideas?

I have a little sewing group at work and we get together once a week (myself and the kids) to create little projects.  

I am trying to think of some little projects for the year with my little sewers and would love any ideas anyone could give me.

The projects need to be simple and hand sewn.

I would appreciate any help.



  1. Hey Deb, see if any of these would suit...
    Some might need adapting, but it's a start for brainstorming.
    And what about a felt noughts and crosses game? Or a heart-shaped mini-cushion (maybe lavender) for Valentines Day? Cheers! Pxx

    1. You are awesome Paula, thanks so much. I am definitely going to do the button headband and the felt flowers and I love the puppet. Thanks again :)


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