Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our Little Trip...Bathurst and Dubbo

We drove from the central coast, N.S.W to Bathurst on the next leg of our adventure.  We went to Bathurst for Anthony and he was not disappointed.  He had a ball as we drove around the famous racing track twice. 

The above photos were taken at the top of the mountain.  Beautiful view from up there.  And below is the Captiva on the starting line (notice the crazy Barro family hanging out the windows?).

Peter Brock's statue.

After our little trip through Bathurst we headed out to Dubbo.  We stayed at the Big 4 in this 2 bedroom  cabin.  It was perfect for our needs while we were there.

And it was a coincidence that the street our little cabin was on was called Emma St.

We went to the zoo for 2 days and enjoyed every minute of it.  We have been to many zoos as we have travelled (we always go to the zoo) and this is one of the best so far.

My very favourite animals are the giraffes...they are just amazing.  We were lucky enough to get tickets to feed them.

And another favourite animal...the elephants.

Nathan was very excited at lunch when he found his name on a coke bottle.

Nothing like a pose!

And this zoo had four or five of these tortoises.  They are so huge, they just fascinate me too.

I'll be back with our highlights of day 2 at the zoo tomorrow.



  1. Deb, just catching up with your blog news. Hope you are feeling ok now after your emergency surgery. Bad timing for camping. Thinking of you, Tanya

    1. Thanks Tanya, it was a crappy week but I feel 100% now. Such a shame we missed camping, the kids were not very impressed. Maybe I'll get there next year (I've missed the last 2 years now).


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