Friday, September 2, 2011

Last few days in London...

After all our tripping around we had a last few days in London.  It was spent catching up with family before heading home and fitting in a few things that we hadn't done yet.

We spent the afternoon visiting my cousin Kate and her family and then headed up to Norfolk with my Uncle Will.

We had a great night out at dinner one night with a few family members.  This is my cousin Kelly and her husband Justin.

And this is my other cousin Andrew with Kelly and I.

This is the O2 where we went for dinner, this is a terrible photo, we took it on the Thames Clipper on our way home.

We spent one more day in London seeing stuff we hadn't seen yet.

One major thing I wanted to do was go into Buckingham Palace to see Kate Middleton's wedding dress etc.  Unfortunately when we got there the line was so far up and around the street that we decided not to. It was a shame but I wasn't going to spend hours lining up when we could be doing something else.

We did stop in at the shop though.

And lastly just a couple of photos of my gorgeous ones on our way out to dinner.

And then we said goodbye to everyone and to London and headed for our last week of holidays in Singapore.

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