Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Port Isaac...

Our last full day in Cornwall was gorgeous weather, I would even say I got warm on this day!  We went to a little fishing village called Port Isaac.  It is where the t.v show Doc Martin on ABC is filmed.  I really wanted to see a fishing village while I was there and this little village did not disappoint.  It was gorgeous there.  This shop had the cutest things inside...

This is the view from where we parked the car.

Can't go without a self portrait!

The scenery was amazing.

I find it amazing that England even has water this beautiful.

Everyone loved this shop, we spent ages in here, even Anthony liked it (and that is saying something!).  See those gorgeous dishes in the right hand side window?  They are from this English designer.  She designs really gorgeous things, very retro in style and I would have loved to of bought her things.  I am still thinking about her quilt cover (dreaming really).

These are photos from inside the shop.

Yep, that little owl did come home with me along with some other goodies.

The streets were so narrow, these are a few shots of them, cars did actually drive down the street but I have no idea how they managed to fit!

Every time we went somewhere in Cornwall we had to drive through a little village called Camelford.  It was so tiny that there was a traffic light because the road is only wide enough for one lane.  A really gorgeous place.  Anyway we stopped one day on our way home for a sticky beak and where we parked the car was this shed/garage with a lovely old man selling old stuff.  So we went in for a look...I came out with a couple of old books, he had some amazingly old books there.

This painting was why we actually stopped in Camelford.  I saw it and fell in love with it in a gallery window.  We stopped to see if we could afford to buy it....we couldn't it was 200 pounds...a bit too expensive for me.  I still love it though.

This is the main road through Camelford.

This little treasure I found in another shop that I fell in love with, a gorgeous red, enamel coffee pot.

And these are the two books I picked up at the garage/shed along with a tin from the same shop as the coffee pot.

One last stop before we headed back to London was Stone Henge.  It was an amazing place, it was smaller than I expected but so full of history and mystery.  How did they get there, why are they there?  No one knows, there are just theories... I had to buy the book with all the different takes on it.

And it wouldn't be a holiday post without a picture of that gorgeous baby.

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  1. Oh I adore this post! I absolutely LOVE Cornwall, I could live there for sure. It's so quaint and lovely, minus those narrow streets that my big American car can't drive down! ha...nevermind. I would sell my car and live through my bike instead. AHhh....next stop for us will be Stonehenge. Lovely pics. :o)


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