Sunday, September 4, 2011

Oh I love Singapore...

The last week of our holiday was spent in Singapore.  We had an awesome time here, we really love Singapore there is so much to do, the people are really lovely, the weather is always hot and you will not find a cleaner place on earth!  I have crammed our week in Singapore into just one post so it's a big one, you may need a cuppa!

Singapore have their own version of London's Eye except theirs is bigger so we went for a spin around on that to see the city of Singapore.  It is a much nicer surrounding than London with gorgeous gardens and water features below it.

We enjoyed some much needed relaxation time each afternoon at the hotels swimming pool and the kids were busting to swim (seeing as though we had not had swimming weather so far).

Singapore has some amazing sights and one of them is their Night Safari (night time zoo).  We headed their for the evening and had a great time wandering among the nocturnal animals.

At the end of the night we saw this fish spa, where the fish (called doctor fish) come along and nibble all the dead skin off your feet.  So we paid for our 5 minutes worth, except I was too chicken and just could not bring myself to put my feet in that water and let the fish touch me.  It freaked me out to say the least so I missed my go.  The kids on the other hand loved it.

And Anthony had to use my 5 minutes.  The fish loved him, look at them all over his feet!

Singapore has a river through the middle of it and so we ventured out on one of these 'bum boat' rides to explore.

There is an island just off Singapore that is really close (I'm pretty sure it's a man made island).  Anyway, you can drive there but we decided to make the day of it and we travelled across on the cable cars.  They go so high it gave me butterflies just hanging there but it was good fun.

Sentosa Island is full of fun and games, it's a fun packed day.

There is a huge Merlion there which we just admired from a distance.

There is an attraction there called the Luge.  We had an awesome time on this and went back for more and more it was so much fun.  This photo is part of the track you travel along.

And here are Emma and I having a go.  The last photo is Anthony.

There are nice beaches there too.

We went to the Underwater World which is much the same as ours here in Australia.  The kids got to touch sea urchins and starfish etc.

The sea horses were beautiful.

And so were the jellyfish.

After lunch the kids had an hour turn on the waver rider.  They had a great time and got really good at it by the time the hour was up.

 Anthony coming back after his ride down the luge.

We spent almost a full day at Jarong Bird Park.  I am not a bird fan, we really went for the kids but I still had a good time too.  We walked through an enclosure where we got to feed all the parrots.

And the kids got to dig for bones (I don't know what kind).  The kids always love this activity.

Posing for photos

Really gorgeous settings all around at the bird park (and everywhere in Singapore really).

On our last day we headed over to this building, Marina Bay Sands.  It is a hotel, and that boat like thing at the top is an observation deck as well as pool, restaurants etc.

These are our photos from the top.  The Singapore Flyer looks so small!

That tall hotel in the middle was our hotel.  We stayed in the tallest hotel in Singapore on the 52nd floor (there were 70 floors).

When you were at the top the space was so big you didn't even notice you were up so high, this is the pathway.

If you stay at the hotel (Marina Bay Sands), this is the spa.

And this is the pool.  How cool is this pool? It looks like it falls just right off the edge!

Family self portrait (this is my favourite self portrait).

Our last stop before checking out was Raffles Hotel.  You can't go to Singapore without stopping here and having a Singapore Sling.  The hotel was right across the road from ours so easy for us to get to.  Anthony and I had our Sling and the kids had a mocktail each.  They were delicious!

This bit is out of order but we spent a full day at Singapore Zoo.  We headed there early and had breakfast with the animals.  We've done this before and just had to do it again, it really is a unique experience the animals are right there while you enjoy your breakfast.

An Orangutan at breakfast.

The kids could not get enough of holding this snake between bites.

And our professional photo with the Orangutans behind us (running a muck I think!).

We also got to ride the elephant while we were there.

And feed the giraffes.  We had an awesome day.

And I have to share that I was super super spoiled when we went into this shop.

And that was our big adventure for 2011.  We had such a wonderful time, we saw so much and did so much. As I recap on everything I am blown away by how much we fitted into our 6 weeks away.  

Now to get planning the next holiday...I'll share that another day, I'm still thinking about a few ideas in regard to that, but we do have something already booked for 2012.

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