Thursday, April 21, 2011

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We've had a good holiday so far.  Tuesday was a bit cloudy and looked miserable but the weather man said that there would not be much rain so we packed our bags and headed down the Gold Coast to Sea World for the day.  We were really lucky it only sprinkled on us a couple of times and we had a good day.

We saw the sea creatures in Shark Bay.  We got to touch starfish and sea cucumbers and urchins.

We went on rides.

We saw the dolphin show and this little guy.  He was adorable, in the baby pools, he was playing with his ball and threw it out of the pool to us 3 times.  Then he would sit with his head out waiting for us to throw it back.  How clever and cute is that!

We went to the new penguin exhibit.  These animals are just beautiful.  We stood for a long time looking at these guys.  I think they liked looking at us as much as we liked looking at them.

This is one of my favourite photos, Emma being a penguin ha!

It's great having the VIP pass and being able to take the kids to places like this in school holidays etc without the huge cost.

Now, onto some random things I wanted to share...  first this is my cute owl that I bought at Typo a few weeks ago.  So pretty.

I got new fabric delivered last week and I loved this print so I made Emma a skirt with it.  She has been wearing it a lot so that makes me happy.  I hemmed it differently than I usually would and used some of my new ribbon.  I'm going to make her some more.

I ordered myself a Debbie necklace from Lovestamp a few weeks ago and had a little squeal when I saw it in the mailbox last night.  

I can't remember if I shared these already but I made up a little pile of pencil cases and coin purses for the  stall.

And these are my cute owl cushions that I have at the market now.  They are super cute.

Lastly, I decided that I needed a treasure bag as much as the kids do for our trip so I made myself one.  I used some laminated fabric I had on the shelf so it is waterproof.  I did find it tricky to sew with, I don't know if I will be making a whole lot of stuff out of it.  

I do think it is pretty though and it will be perfect for all the tickets, brochures etc that I always keep from my travels.

It's nearly time for the bunny to arrive, I hope everyone has a happy and safe Easter.

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