Saturday, April 23, 2011

At our house...

Today we are just getting stuff done, gardening, washing, cleaning the car etc etc.

BUT, we are enjoying yummy home made Anzac biscuits...

And my favourite, delicious home made marshmallows while we work (while working, in between working, all the time really)

I love making marshmallows at Easter (and I don't mind eating them all either). 

I've also really enjoyed this past week, sitting up late reading lots of different books.  Emma has been sitting with me and looking at the books as we talk about all the fun stuff we are going to see and do when we go away.  I have my novel to read as well and my favourite magazine.  Does anyone else have big piles of books on their bedside like this?  I like to keep them all there so I can just grab what I want when I get into bed without searching on the bookshelf.

Some little people are very excited about the bunny coming tonight, I am just hoping I can stay awake longer than Emma to put eggs out!

We are off to see Hop tonight to get us in the Easter spirit.  Have Fun!

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