Thursday, April 28, 2011

Visit to Pottsville...

We headed down to Pottsville on Monday to visit our good friends and family.  We had a great afternoon/night with plenty of fun had by all.  Plenty of refreshments and laughs.  I couldn't believe it, when we left home it was pouring with rain and absolutely miserable and when we go to Pottsville it was sunny and fine.

Pottsville is such a nice place, it's just a short walk to the park or beach or river and the kids always have a ball.  We started our afternoon with a visit to the park with playing and tree climbing.

After the park we went to the river for a swim and a play in the sand.  

Nathan had some serious sand castle building to do in the form of a turtle (he had seen one someone else had made).  He did a really good job.

The kids also had the chance to ride the Rip sticks and scooters.  How cute is this picture of Nate and Helina going along to path holding hands?

After dinner we headed down to the water to feed the fish.

Thanks Nat and Terry for having us, as always we had a great time.

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