Monday, April 18, 2011

A day out

Yesterday we woke up and decided that we needed to get out of the house so a trip to the museum was needed (sorry girls, last minute decision to go).

We caught the train and the kids participated in a dinosaur exhibition they have going at the moment for the kids for school holidays.

They got to use plasticine to create their own dinosaur.

We got to bring the dinosaurs home.  They also got to dig for dinosaur bones and then identify which bone they had found using the big picture on the wall.  Nathan really loved this.

We did normal museum stuff too.

And of course, no museum visit is complete without posing in these cardboard cut outs.

By the way, they are posed faces you see.

And this big, lifelike dinosaur was making his way around the place, roaring at all the kids (and freaking quite a lot of them out too!)

It was a really great day out, we had fun.

Now, what to do for the rest of the holidays? If the weather stays rainy like this we may not have many choices!

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