Saturday, October 30, 2010

Clearing Out!

Well, I have declared that I am no longer a scrapbooker (although I really still like creating off the page stuff) and I am now a sewer!  It was hard to come to terms with but I really have no desire to scrapbook anymore and just don't enjoy the process...I prefer to sew, I love that at the end of it I have something that I can use and that is practical (most of the time).  Anyway...

TOMORROW, SUNDAY 31st OCTOBER I will be at Blossie's with other fabulous people selling my scrapbooking supplies at her Garage Sale.  I will be there from 11am -1pm.  I have all my stuff for sale at very very cheap prices!  I want it to go!!!  I am selling all my stamp sets worth $30 or more for just $4 - $5.  As well as heaps of other stuff.  I don't think anything is over $5 and that is an expensive $40 stamp set.

SO, come along and buy a bargain tomorrow!

Because Blossie's is closing down this will be the last garage sale, so make the most of it while you can!

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