Monday, November 1, 2010

Emma is 6!

Well, the day has come, after much counting down and anticipation, Emma's 6th birthday.  I haven't taken any photos of her today yet, but will after school, so stay tuned for those.

However on Saturday we went to Australia Zoo for the day in celebration of Emma's birthday.  We had a great day, the zoo was pretty empty and the weather was lovely...

Emma read the map, telling us where to go (with no arguments seeing as though it was her birthday)

We posed for photos on the big crocodile

Emma's sleeping koala impersonation

At the tigers Emma thought she would like her own little photo shoot

 Until Nathan joined in

We headed back to the entrance on the train with an ice cream to enjoy.  Emma decided that smiles were out! So we got these instead

Love the hat hair!

I'll be back with some birthday photos later...

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  1. Looks like a fun day! I too have happy memories (and photos) of a day at Australia Zoo.


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