Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Christmas is coming

Last year I really wanted to participate in Operation Christmas Child run by Samaritan's Purse but  because it is due in October I just wasn't organised in time.  This year I had forgotten about it to be honest until I saw it on Mel Goodsell's blog.  That got me remembering and this year I was determined to have it done in time.  AND I did!  Yeah for me!! I thought I would share what I did.

You need to fill a shoe box with goodies which fall under certain categories.  This is what our shoe boxes looked like all ready to send.

We chose to do 2 boxes, 1 for a girl Emma's age and 1 for a boy Nathan's age (they both actually fall into the same category of 5-9years).

This is what our girl box looked like inside.

This is what we included (under the categories they give you )
  • Something to love - a Dr Seuss book, an owl softie
  • Something to wear - 2 pairs socks, a pair of thongs
  • Something for school - pencil case, coloured pens, stickers
  • Something to play with - balloons, tennis ball, skipping rope, slinky
  • Something for personal hygiene - soap, toothbrush
  • Something special - hair clips, little coin purse

And this is what our boy box looked like

Unfortunately our boy box was not as overflowing as our girl box, although I think there was enough in it.

  • Something to love - dog softie
  • Something to wear - thongs
  • Something for school - pencil case, coloured pens, small stationery set
  • Something for personal hygiene - soap, toothbrush
  • Something to play with - tennis ball, 2 Slinky's, balloons
  • Something special - Dr Seuss book

When I packed both the boxes I really had to force the lid on to them, they were very full! 

I found boys things harder to get on short notice at the price I wanted to pay.  This time I am going to keep my eye out for little things like this on clearance etc and put them away for next year.  That will save me money but will also help me be more organised. 

I also thought it was important for the kids to play a role in this so we went shopping together to find things and they packed to boxes etc.  They also drew some special pictures inside the box lid for the kids when they open it.

It is something that is definitely worth doing.  Now that I have paid the $9 fee per box to cover postage costs etc, I have an ID number and I can track my box on its journey.

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