Monday, March 1, 2010

Sewing Goodness

It was a wet, wet weekend so I spent some of my time sewing.  I had an idea for my chenille so I got started on that and the result were these cute little elephants.  I love them so much I made 6.  They will be on my market stall in a couple of weeks.

While I was sewing I had a pile of scrap material pieces on the shelf so I made some boo boo bags for the stall too.  I also made a couple for Emma's prep class.

A successful weekend of sewing... I have a cute owl pattern on my desk ready to go now, and some more Molly Chickens I think. 

Have a great week everyone


  1. those little elephants are super cute!!! did you have a pattern or just make them up yourself? I know my little babes would love to have one!!


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