Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I love owls too...

I not only love butteflies but I am really drawn to owls lately. I have a few wooden ones around the house and while at Target last week I found a new travel mug for myself, complete with owls! I also got the mug and the egg cups too.

How could you not love owls????

Another rainy day here where I live so I am working on some drawstring bags, they are for my suitcase when I go on holidays to put my shoes in. I always put my shoes in plastic bags for travelling until I read about using material drawstring bags online...how much nicer, so I am using some material up making shoe bags. The only problem is I usually take quite a few pairs of shoes, so I might need to make a pile! (and then there are Emma's shoes too)

After making them all I will need some new material!

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  1. Owls are everywhere aren't they! Check this little cutie out...




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