Wednesday, March 3, 2010

She makes a good pirate

Today was pirate day for Emma at prep.  She went along dressed in her finest and she looked like this.

So ferocious!  Gorgeous!

I went along this afternoon for some party food and some pirate activities, this is what we made (well Emma did with a little bit of help from me).

Emma loves prep, she is so ready to learn she amazes me. 

No sewing for me today but I did stop at Blossies for a quick shop and got some nice paper and new flowers.  I am hoping to scrap Emma's pirate photos and first day of school.  I also have a couple of little projects underway for some people in my quest to spread a little niceness!  I did sew quite a bit yesterday though, I have a nice pile of shoe bags sitting on my couch waiting to be put away. 

Please stop raining!!! I am really over the rain...have a good end of the week.

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