Thursday, March 11, 2010

Can't help myself

Ok, so I have decided that I am not buying fabric from Spotlight anymore as I now belong to a fabulous sewing group and I can get some nice fabric from other sources BUT... I did have to go to Spotlight the other day to buy hobby fill.  So I just wandered over to the fabric section to get safety pins  and saw this...

When you love owls and you love fabric how can you leave this on the shelf?  So I indulged.  It is special so I am still deciding what to make out of it.  I am thinking I might give a bag a go...but then again I am planning on making my Amy Butler fabric into a bag....and a shirt...(Amy Butler is my very favourite fabric!!!).

Have a great Friday....oh and I am hanging out for a scrapbook weekend anybody else???


  1. I to am hanging out for a scrapping weekend-football season has started- training in my house is Mon, Tue, Thur Fri with games Wed & Saturdays..I need a girlie fix

  2. Yes I would love to just get together. I haven't scrapbooked for a really long time. I want to make a clock for my dad.
    By the way I am also a lover of all things owl like so feel free to make me anything u like.

  3. Oh, I meant make anything u like for me!!!

  4. OMG!!! I LOVE these fabrics!! They are so CUTE!! Yes, I was thinking the other day that a scrapbook retreat is WAY overdue!! Any plans ladies?????


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