Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have been reading my book 'Handmade Home' these last few days and it talks alot about repurposing fabrics/sheets etc.etc.  It got me to thinking about the chenille I have collected of late and how it reminds me of when I was little.

It makes me remember a bright orange chenille bedspread I had on my bed when I was young (in a blue room mind you!).  I don't know if I would of remembered that if I had not of collected some vintage chenille. 

I also remembered (just today actually) that my nan had one of those gorgeous white chenille bedspreads on her bed with the flowers etc out of lovely pink and greens that were embossed, the type of chenille you pay an absolute fortune for today.  I remember it on her bed in her little flat in Basildon, Essex, UK.  I used to think I was so special because I used to sleep on the rollaway in her room with her when we visited.  It then takes me back to remember how little her kitchen was with a tiny fold out table, and how it would stress her out completely when we visited because we would walk too heavily on the floor and disturb the old people underneath and how you looked out of her front room window to a square with a park and so so much more from my visits with her.

How special it is that collecting a piece of vinatage fabric can bring back memories like that that were just never thought of before...that makes me happy.  Memories like that are good.

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