Monday, March 15, 2010

I have some things to share but for now my camera is on charge.

Some things I am thinking about at the moment:
  • Nathan's birthday coming up on the weekend, we are not having a party but I have a surprise for him and I hope it doesn't rain.
  • That I really need the rain to stop!
  • My birthday, planning on organising something for myself this year, otherwise the day comes and goes with no one batting an eyelid!
  • Wishing desparately that I was rich and I could book myself a Christmas cruise of the South Pacific for the end of the year, and I would really love a trip away skiing this winter (dream, dream).
  • Should I go and see Alice in Wonderland tomorrow?
  • Where can I get myself a new skirt that I keep thinking about?
  • That I can't wait to get my hair done this week so I feel half normal again.
Happy Monday night all...

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