Saturday, January 2, 2010

Achieve 2009

You may remember that my word for 2009 was ACHIEVE. I reflected half way through the year on how I was going with my word and so I thought it would only be right to reflect now, at the end of the year for that word.

So much happened in our lives this year (as I am sure in everyones). I am really glad that I chose this particular word for the year and I feel like keeping it in mind helped me focus on things I wanted to do during the year.

  • I started my job at my new school with a focus on being a good teacher and not on socialising so much
  • I was able to cut back Emma's day care to spend more time with her before she started school in 2010
  • I met my Dad's new wife and have gotten to know her
  • We holidayed and had a fabulous time
  • I was able (with help from my fabulous friends) to start up the market stall and look at some new ways of being creative
  • Even though I worked at a new place I was still able to keep in contact with all my wonderful friends and I got a trip to N.S.W in to visit Tracey and Co.
  • We started some new family activities like going 4WD up the beach and having a day next to the water
  • Purchasing a small caravan to be able to plan and begin some family camping experiences together (coming very soon!)'
  • Learning more about my camera and how to take better photos by experimenting more, taking more photos and doing a fabulous course

There are so many things that were important to me this year and which I have been able to achieve and be happy with that I would be here forever if I listed them all. I think 2009 was a successful year.

I will be back with my word for 2010 as soon as I have created my creation using it! I do have one picked I just haven't made it yet.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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