Saturday, January 2, 2010

My 2010 Word - BALANCE

I have a new word for 2010 - Balance. This year I feel like I am achieving all that I want to achieve right now, but it is time to ensure that my life is well balanced. Life is so so busy I want to keep a focus on making sure everything is in proportion. That work does not dominate and that I spend time and do fun things with my kids. That I have time to work out as well as do my household chores and my creative endeavours. That I help my kids with their schoolwork at home and at school. And then there are all the other important things, like spending time with Anthony, girlfriends, shopping, reading, holidays etc.,etc.... with so many things going on how can you juggle it all effectively and fairly?


  1. Loved the gorgeous photos, made me smile, Toni xx

  2. Great word! And great reasoning for choosing your word! I love the gorgeous layout too!


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