Friday, January 1, 2010

A Barro Family Christmas...

Our Christmas was fabulous, we have been relaxing, eating, drinking and enjoying each others company over the last week. It has not stopped raining at our house so we are really lucky that Santa brought us all a Wii because it has been perfect weather for playing it!

Our Christmas Eve ended in us sprinkling our reindeer food on the lawn for Santa's reindeer and having take away for dinner before visiting the Christmas lights, gotta love the look of pure joy on Emma's face while she plays in the snow at a lit up house.

Nathan was awake very early Christmas morning busting to open his presents. The poor thing did have to wait a while for Emma to wake up though, in the end I woke her up at 7.30am!!! What child sleeps until that time on Christmas morning???

Nathan wondering why he would get a packet of string for Christmas (to go with his book of knots).

Emma among her gifts

After all the present opening was done there was time to play, Emma had a tea party with her new Wubsy, and gorgeous little tea set.

Nathan and Anthony put together Lego which Nathan got a lot of this year and has loved it! There was a lot of Lego building going on this last week.

Billy got some new bowls for Christmas and he got to wear some jingle bells to be merry. He was not so impressed with them though.

We had our parents over for lunch and we ate seafood, ham, Nonna's lasagne and salad. Hazel (my Dad's wife) learned how to peal prawns and tasted bugs, she even ate a mango for the first time. This is not the best photo but I just had to post it because of Nathan's face!

Amazingly enough, I even got a photo of me this Christmas!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas also.

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