Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Story for Sunday

A few more ideas popped into my head (and with some help from Tash) for my advent activities

  • shopping for Christmas gifts
  • a visit to the markets to buy gifts
  • a treasure hunt around the house/yard
  • a night away somewhere
  • trip to the beach

Just thought I would share

Do you ever wake up and wonder why you had children? This morning I did. I actually don't think that very often but today.... after waking up from a sleep in which was lovely I walked into the family room to see that there was mushy Milo cereal EVERYWHERE! Nathan, my gorgeous boy had been up since early and decided to eat his cereal on the couch. In turn, spilling it!!! he tried to clean it up but at a 7 year old level it was bad. We had to sweep/clean up the floor as well as wash all the couch cushions and clean the cereal from the table, the sink and even the toilet!!!!! What a way to start a Sunday. Luckily Anthony was home and did the cleaning up because I just don't know if I could of done it without losing my cool.

But, now we are happy again, thank goodness!

Just a happy little Sunday story for today...

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